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Having a very basic text-only website like this (hand-crafted by me in simple HTML) with just the essential information is quite fun for a change. Hopefully Tim Berners-Lee would be proud...

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email me at ian@iancullimore.com: Click here to send an email to me , or contact me at:

USA: +1 (408) 769 3204
UK: +44 (1568) 709129

Speciality: Software/Hardware Patent, IP (copyright, source code review & infringement), Cyber, and Computer Forensics Expert Witness - Attorney clients include:
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Patents Held in My Name:

Pocket PC Inventor and Software & Hardware Developer:

Hands-on developer and inventor of the world's first pocket PCs (the Atari Portfolio and the Poqet_PC); video games programmer (Atari, Commodore, Sinclair, iPhone, Android); one of the Architects of the Symbian smartphone operating system (ex-Psion EPOC 32); hardware and software designer and inventor of IoT ('Internet of Things') devices such as the GoSecured hi-tech security padlock; IoT operating systems and MCU inventor.

Software/Firmware/Hardware Development Consultant:
Major Past Employment Highlights:
I am based between California's Silicon Valley, USA, and the UK (Coronavirus permitting!)

PO Box 64408
CA 94088

Also based near Leominster, Herefordshire, UK. Contact me for more details.

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